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Star Crossed, the latest title in the Sedona Files paranormal/SF romance series, is now on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, iTunes, and Kobo. The story picks up twenty-five years after the end of Angel Fire, and tells the story of Grace, Kara's daughter. Here's a bit more about Star Crossed:


It’s Christmas in Sedona, Arizona, and Santa’s not the only one coming to town….


Twenty-five years ago, Grace Rinehart’s father — an alien-human hybrid — sacrificed his life to save Sedona from an invading army of reptilian aliens who called themselves “the masters.” Their base was destroyed, but something…someone…survived. Now Grace’s alien DNA has called her to the remains of the alien base, where she finds what was left behind, the prototype for version 2.0 of an alien/human hybrid super-soldier.


Grace doesn’t expect to lose her heart to the one man she knows she shouldn't love. And when the secrets he’s been hiding come to light, she has to face the truth of what the Reptilians have been planning all along…even if it means destroying the only true happiness she’s ever known.




Chosen, the first book in my new paranormal romance series, The Djinn Wars, is now  available for pre-order at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBooks, and Kobo. Like Darkangel, Chosen was originally inspired by a dream!  Here's a peek:


It became known as the Dying, and it soon wiped out almost every man, woman, and child on the face of the earth, leaving behind a pitiful remnant of the world's population. And for those left behind, the struggle has just begun....


Jessica Monroe is one of the few survivors of the Dying. She does what she must to make her way through the ruins of civilization to a place of safety, her existence protected by the gentle voice of the being she calls her guardian angel. But when she realizes he is no angel at all, she discovers that the destruction of humanity was only the first step in an even larger plan. (Book 1 of the Djinn Wars)





Also, you may have noticed a new "Store" tab in top menu on the site. Now you can buy books directly from me, which may be helpful if you live in an area not serviced by any of the major online booksellers, or if you would prefer a .pdf file rather than an .epub or a .mobi (you get all three versions when you buy a book from my store). Unfortunately, I am not selling to the EU because of the changes in VAT requirements. If those should change again in the future, I'll revisit my policy on EU sales.

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