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New & Notable

Forbidden, the newest book in my Djinn Wars series, is now on sale everywhere! The hero of this book might have been a villain in earlier installments in this series...but now he has his own chance at a happy ending.


About Forbidden:


Sentenced to the worst punishment a djinn can receive...

Imprisoned in the outer circles of the otherworld, Aldair al-Ankara is doomed to unending suffering. Believing he’ll never escape, he’s accepted his dismal fate. But when destiny steps in, everything changes for Aldair.

Ever since the Heat wiped out most of the world’s population, Jillian Powell has done nothing but try to make herself useful and helpful. When a lab accident hurls her into the otherworld’s outer circles, a handsome stranger saves her from certain death. Escaping and finding sanctuary in an isolated New Mexico town, Aldair and Jillian fight their growing attraction for one another. But even as their chemistry intensifies, reality sets in. Suddenly, they both realize that keeping Aldair hidden from the rest of the djinn might be harder than they ever imagined…


Forbidden will be available through the beginning of January 2017 at the introductory price of $2.99 and will be $3.99 after that. You can buy it at the following stores:


AmazonBarnes and NobleiBooks • Kobo • Google Play

If you're new to the Djinn Wars series, I've made it easy for you to get caught up by releasing a boxed set of the first three books in the series. And for the month of December, you can get it for just $2.99 — that's less than the cost of one book in the set!


Download the specially priced boxed set here: Amazon • Barnes and Noble • iBooks • Kobo • Google Play

Because of holiday schedules at several of the online stores where I sell my books, I'm doing a pre-order on The Arrangement so it'll be available on January 5, 2017, as planned. This is a longish (around 40,000 words) novella about Jeremiah Wilcox — I felt so bad for him at the end of Spellbound that I just had to do something to give the poor man a little happiness!


Jeremiah Wilcox's Navajo wife died cursing his name — and cursing all the sons of his line to a life spent alone. Doomed to a solitary existence, Jeremiah has done his best to come to terms with his fate. But when an enchanting newcomer arrives in Flagstaff, Jeremiah may have to reexamine everything he believes about the curse — and his own heart.

The Arrangement is available as a 99¢ pre-order now and will officially release on January 5, 2017. At the end of January, it will go up to its regular price of $2.99. You can buy it at the following stores:


AmazonBarnes and NobleiBooks • Kobo • Google Play



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