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The Titan Trap is the newest title in the Gaian Consortium science fiction romance series, and is now available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBooks, Kobo, and Scribd. Like all the other titles in the series, it was written as a standalone book, although those of you who have been following the series will see a few familiar faces making cameo appearances. Here's more information:


Cassidy Evans inherited the Titan run when her father died and left her a broken-down cargo transport and a regular gig hauling supplies to the maximum-security prison located on Jupiter’s moon. When convicted murderer Derek Tagawa hijacks her ship and demands her help in clearing his name, Cass can’t help but wonder if there aren’t easier ways to make a living. But Derek has those amazing…eyes…and she begins to believe there may be more to his story than she originally thought.


Running from the authorities, they head to the heart of Gaia to unearth a conspiracy so far-reaching that exposing it could rock the Consortium to its very foundation…and change the future course of both their lives.


Also, Star Crossed, the latest title in the Sedona Files paranormal/SF romance series, is now available for pre-order on Amazon and has a release date of December 30, 2014. The story picks up twenty-five years after the end of Angel Fire, and tells the story of Grace, Kara's daughter. Here's a bit more about Star Crossed:


Grace Rinehart has known for most of her life that she isn't quite like anyone else -- her father was a human/alien hybrid, and although she might look like a normal young woman, she still carries the alien trace within her blood. Even so, she's done her best to ignore her not-of-this-world heritage...until she returns home to Sedona and loses her heart to the one man she knows she shouldn't love. But as more secrets are revealed, and she finds herself doubting the choices of her heart, she finds herself caught between the expectations of those around her and the deepest truths within her soul. In the end, she'll discover that the stakes are even higher than she imagined...not just for her and the man she loves, but the entire world.

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