The Gaian Consortium Series

A series set in the far future, where Gaia (Earth) has aggressively colonized a significant section of the galaxy. The Gaians are not the only humanoid race in the galaxy, however, and humanity's interactions with the other races range from peaceful to openly hostile. The Gaian Consortium seeks to continue its outward expansion...sometimes with less than positive results. As with the Tales of the Latter Kingdoms series, these books are connected by setting rather than by characters.


Although these books are written as standalone titles and are shown below in order of publication, here is a chronological listing as well:






THE TITAN TRAP (est. publication date 10/2014)


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Anika Jespers, a homesteader’s daughter on a Gaian colony, thinks she’s destined for a dull existence on her family’s farm. But when her father makes an impossible bargain with their neighbor, one of the alien Zhore, she faces a future different from anything she could have possibly imagined. The familiar story of Beauty and the Beast takes on new life in this inventive SF romance novella, with the Beauty a homesteader's daughter and the Beast an alien on a faraway colony world.


"Once I started reading the story, I couldn’t put the Kindle down. The book is a sci-fi version of Beauty and The Beast...there are breathing masks and a world of ‘gray and black and dark red.' If  you enjoy romance and mysterious aliens, get a tall glass of iced tea, sit back, relax, and start reading Breath of Life. Five stars”—The One Hundred Romances Project


Science fiction romance • $2.99 • 32,000 words (novella)

Publication date: June 2011








Welcome to Iradia, where the Gaian Consortium looks the other way if enough money changes hands, and the best way to ensure a long life is to secure passage off-world…


When Miala Fels’ father is murdered by a vicious crime lord, she decides the best way to get her revenge is to hack the accounts of the man responsible and bleed his hoard of ill-gotten loot dry. Her plans go awry when Mast is killed by a rival, and she ends up nursing one of his men, the notorious mercenary Eryk Thorn, back to health. Her only thought is to have Thorn help her get off-world in exchange for half of Mast’s treasure. The last thing she expects is to lose her heart to him…or to have the consequences of that love change her life forever.


"Miala has nothing in common with inter-galactic adventurer Eryk Thorn, but when fate throws them together, they discover they have more in common than an instinct for survival... Just when we think we know how it's going to end, Pope surprises us by raising the stakes, raising the temperature and raising our expectations. The book is Pope's best yet."—Katherine Tomlinson, author of Toxic Reality and L.A. Nocturne


Science fiction romance • $4.99 • 112,000 words (novel)

Publication date: May 2012










Humans and Stacians have been sworn enemies for centuries, so Gaian Captain Lira Jannholm has no reason to trust Stacian starship commander Rast sen Drenthan when he proposes a bargain that will end a dangerous confrontation over a resource-rich planet. When Lira finds herself disgraced and discharged from duty through no fault of her own, she joins forces with Rast to discover the truth behind her reversal of fortune.


Running from rapidly multiplying enemies in a ship stolen from one of the most powerful criminals in the sector, Rast and Lira discover they are pawns in a conspiracy that reaches into the highest levels of government and has put them in mortal danger. The secret they uncover could change the balance of power in the galaxy forever…not to mention destroy their own future together.


This book contains sensual scenes intended for adult readers.


Science fiction romance • 82,000 words (novel)

Publication date: August 2013






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Alexa Craig is well aware she’s known as “The Ice Queen”—and not out of admiration—but her reputation has served her well in her diplomatic career. Alien ambassador Lirzhan understands his people are viewed with suspicion and curiosity by the members of the Gaian Consortium, but the Zhore do not casually reveal themselves to outsiders—not even to someone as intriguing as Alexa Craig.


But after their ship is attacked during a routine flight, the two strangers must rely on each other to survive on the supposedly uninhabited world where their escape pod has crashed. When Alexa and Lirzhan discover the secret hidden behind Mandala’s wild beauty, they must put duty before desire and risk everything to warn the Galactic Council of a conspiracy that could endanger their lives, their worlds, and the future they have begun to imagine together.


Science fiction romance • 82,000 words (novel)

Publication date: February 2014









Cassidy Evans is less than thrilled to inherit her father's outdated cargo transport, especially since his regular route involves hauling supplies to the maximum security prison on Titan. But things go from bad to worse when a prisoner escapes and hijacks her ship—and has the gall to ask her assistance in clearing his name!


Running from the authorities, they head to the heart of Gaia to unearth a conspiracy so far-reaching that exposing it could rock the Consortium to its very foundation.


Science fiction romance • Approximately 80,000 words

Tentative release date: October 2014











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