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Well, my blog is gone forever, thanks to the utter incompetence of the "support" people at Aabaco web services. I'll admit that part of it is my fault in that I should have made a recent backup, but that doesn't excuse them shutting down my entire site for malware that didn't exist (I'm not the only one who's had to deal with their stupidity -- you can go here for months' worth of complaints. I guess I should be glad that all I lost was my blog and not my entire online business).

I actually was able to export a backup, but there's something wrong with the coding in it -- when I tried to import it, I kept getting errors. And since I don't think it's in my best interests to spend months learning how to code and troubleshoot a MySQL database, I'm left having to start over from scratch. So here we are.

Luckily, I use this blog mostly for announcements and not actual, you know, blogging, so it could have been worse. It's not like I lost a manuscript or something. Still, I'm just a leetle annoyed that I've lost hundreds of blog entries. But it is what it is. I just wanted to make another announcement here as to what's going on.

In better news, I should have a teaser for Forsaken (the next Djinn Wars novel) on here in the next few weeks, after I get the book back from my editors.

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