Christine Pope
Christine Pope
Christine Pope
Christine Pope

Spells and Spaniels

Book 1: Familiar Spirits

About the Book

Charity Hughes can talk to the animals…but sometimes she doesn’t want to hear what they’re saying.

Not every witch has a familiar, but when the witches who do have trouble with their animal companions, they turn to Charity for help. She’s a familiar-whisperer, a witch with the unique ability to talk to her fellow witches’ animal friends. It’s a vocation she enjoys, even if the hunky veterinarian in her town might be starting to harbor suspicions about the seemingly unending parade of critters coming in and out of her house.

But when her latest charge tells her he thinks there’s something fishy going on with the witching world’s biggest competitive event and enlists her help to get to the bottom of the mystery, Charity finds out she might have bitten off a little more than she can chew….

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The Details

Published: May 24, 2023
Publisher: Dark Valentine Press
Pages: 350
Formats: Ebook
Genres & Tropes
Cozy Fantasy, Paranormal Romance
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