Christine Pope
Christine Pope
Christine Pope
Christine Pope

Brew Confessions

Book 11: Hedgewitch for Hire

About the Book

The brew may be strong, but the secrets are stronger….

Welcome to Globe, Arizona, where the hops are fresh, the competition is frothy, and murder is on tap. The small town is buzzing with the news of the High Country Brewing Competition, an event that promises to stir more than just beer. But when the competition turns lethal and a contestant is found drowned in a vat meant for show, the town’s peaceful façade begins to crumble.

Enter Selena, full-time witchy shopkeeper, part-time sleuth, whose knack for reading auras and Tarot cards sets her on the trail of the killer. She has less than two days to unveil the murderer who hides behind a masquerade of friendly faces and handcrafted ales. Every clue, aura, and turn of a Tarot card points Selena deeper into a mystery where jealousy ferments into malice.

As Selena navigates through the motley crew of brewers — each with more to hide than their secret recipes — the stakes soar higher than the foam on a pint of IPA. From illicit affairs to shady deals with drug dealers, the suspects’ list grows longer than the beer list at a taproom. And when Selena’s own shop is vandalized, it’s clear that she’s rattling someone’s cage — and that she may be closing in on a truth more bitter than the darkest stout.

Pour yourself into a chair and crack open this cozy paranormal mystery, where the clues are as puzzling as an ancient ale recipe and solving the crime is as intricate as brewing the perfect beer. Will Selena uncover the murderer before the last call, or will the killer’s identity remain as elusive as a ghostly whisper among the barrels? In Globe, the truth is just a sip away….

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The Details

Published: February 21, 2024
Publisher: Dark Valentine Press
Pages: 308
Formats: Ebook

Genres & Tropes
Cozy Mystery, Paranormal Romance
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