Christine Pope
Christine Pope
Christine Pope
Christine Pope

Grave Mistake

Book 1: Hedgewitch for Hire

About the Book

When you pull up stakes, make sure you don’t get stabbed in the back.

Self-taught in the arcane arts, hedgewitch Selena Marx is comfortable doing divination for West Los Angeles’ anxiety-ridden housewives, lawyers, and aspiring actresses. Her biggest challenge? Avoiding Lucien Dumond, leader of the Greater Los Angeles Necromancers’ Guild, who views her as fresh meat to add to his harem of slavishly devoted groupies.

Selena’s not interested in the slimy, celebrity-schmoozing sorcerer, but nobody turns Lucien down without consequences. When he threatens to fit her with magical cement shoes and drop her off the Santa Monica Pier, Selena’s Tarot cards point her to Globe, Arizona, for a new home, a new shop, and a cursed pet cat.

Just as she’s settling in and meeting the locals — including Calvin Standingbear, hunky chief of the San Ramon Apache tribal police — Lucien tracks her down…and promptly disappears. When his body turns up on tribal lands, it’s up to Calvin to investigate. Starting with Selena.

And when one of Lucien’s acolytes is killed, traces of dark magic and cryptic warnings from the spirits send Selena and Calvin in a race against time — before a too-close-for-comfort evil cuts her own life short.

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“OMW, what a great start to a new series. We’re in small-town AZ and we’re about to find out that there is more to Globe, AZ than what we see on the surface! Selena is perfectly content as a hedgewitch. She is her own boss, can set her own hours, and does not want nor need an entourage of adoring acolytes. Very unlike her local “GLANG” leader. He’s all about the power, and he seems to have a bit of a thing for our Selena. But when she unintentionally one-ups him with her latest client, she decides to get out of Dodge (well, L.A.) before the you-know-what hits the fan! Globe, Arizona. Why on earth would every magical GPS she used send her here? Well, her little New Age shop is going to be the talk of the town, for sure. And when she meets the local tribal police officer, Calvin Standingbear, well, the scenery sure got a whole lot better-looking. But Selena isn’t the only thing new in town — a murder happens, and she is in the frame for it! Magic, murder, mad capers, fast new friends, and maybe, just maybe, there is more to Globe than we thought????

“Brilliant new series. I love a great cozymurder-mystery, and this has added magic. We just know that there is more going on than we’ve seen so far. I’ve got an idea what, but I’m not spoiling anything for anyone else! Great writing, wonderfully kooky secondary characters, and a great little magical world.”—Amazon reviewer

The Details

Published: January 6, 2021
Publisher: Dark Valentine Press
Formats: EbookPaperback
ISBN-10: 1946435392 ISBN-13: 978-1946435392 ASIN: B08J7J5YDL
Genres & Tropes
Paranormal Romance, Witches, Wizards, Necromancers, Sorcerers, Magic
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