Christine Pope
Christine Pope
Christine Pope
Christine Pope

Project Demon Hunters, Books 4-6

Unseen Voices, Unmarked Graves, and Unbroken Vows

About the Book

Project Demon Hunters is what you might get if you mashed The X-Files and The Conjuring movies together, then threw in secrets, lies, a dollop of unresolved sexual tension, and scenes that’ll make you think twice about reading in the house alone!

This boxed set includes books 4-6 in the Project Demon Hunters series:

Unseen Voices
Her books are her weapons. His book is his shield. Together they could write a new ending for Project Demon Hunters — if they survive.

Unmarked Graves
Rosemary and Will are in a fight to save their future together. Before the ghosts — and the demons — of the past destroy it.

Unbroken Vows
Rosemary must surrender her powers to a terrifying evil — or lose Will and everyone else she loves.

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The Details

Published: May 7, 2022
Publisher: Dark Valentine Press
Pages: 1192
Formats: Ebook
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