Christine Pope
Christine Pope
Christine Pope
Christine Pope

The Djinn Wars

About the Series

For most of the world’s population, everything ended with the Dying, a mysterious fever of unknown origin that came from nowhere and wiped out almost all of humanity. Those left behind are forced to do whatever they can to survive, even as they come to realize that they are no longer the lords of this world. The opening trilogy (Chosen, Taken, and Fallen) must be read in order. Novels that take place after those books are each standalone romances, although this post-apocalyptic paranormal romance series is interconnected and contains arcs that carry over from book to book.

Book cover for ChosenBook 1
Book cover for TakenBook 2
Book cover for FallenBook 3
Book cover for BrokenBook 4
Book cover for ForsakenBook 5
Book cover for ForbiddenBook 6
Book cover for AwokenBook 7
Book cover for StolenBook 9
Book cover for ForgottenBook 10
Book cover for DrivenBook 11
Book cover for UnspokenBook 12
Book cover for HiddenBook 13
Book cover for WrittenBook 14
Book cover for GivenBook 15
Book cover for The Djinn Wars, Books 1-3Chosen, Taken, and Fallen
Book cover for The Djinn Wars, Books 4-6Broken, Forsaken, and Forbidden
Book cover for The Djinn WarsBooks 1-12

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