Christine Pope
Christine Pope
Christine Pope
Christine Pope

The Gaia Gambit

Book 3: The Gaian Consortium Series

About the Book

Humans and Stacians have been sworn enemies for centuries, so Gaian Captain Lira Jannholm has no reason to trust Stacian starship commander Rast sen Drenthan when he proposes a bargain that will end a dangerous confrontation over a resource-rich planet. When Lira finds herself disgraced and discharged from duty through no fault of her own, she joins forces with Rast to discover the truth behind her reversal of fortune.

Running from rapidly multiplying enemies in a ship stolen from one of the most powerful criminals in the sector, Rast and Lira discover they are pawns in a conspiracy that reaches into the highest levels of government and has put them in mortal danger. The secret they uncover could change the balance of power in the galaxy forever…not to mention destroy their own future together.

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Great characters and a complex plot with political intrigue and a wonderful romance.”—Amazon reviewer

The Details

Published: August 14, 2013
Publisher: Dark Valentine Press
Pages: 342
Formats: EbookPaperback
ISBN-10: 0615871712 ISBN-13: 978-0615871714 ASIN: B00EKTP83Q
Genres & Tropes
Science Fiction Romance, Space Opera, Alien Romance
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