Christine Pope
Christine Pope
Christine Pope
Christine Pope

Mysterious Ways

Book 3: The Witches of Canyon Road

About the Book

A clan caught in an evil web. A witch who must sacrifice everything to save them…

Safe in Rafe’s arms at last, Miranda thinks the worst of the danger is past. She is dead wrong. The Castillo prima is murdered, and the clan is trapped by a hex. No one can leave New Mexico — or even send out a distress call.

Worse, Simon’s evil magic sends dark spells against the clan, targeting the vulnerable new prima herself. Desperate to keep anyone else from being hurt, Miranda has no other choice. She surrenders to Simon — only to discover his grand plan extends far beyond possessing her body. He covets her powers to summon the darkest demon of them all.

As Rafe works feverishly to track Miranda’s location, protect the clan, and find a loophole in Simon’s entrapment spell, Miranda realizes there is only one way to defeat Simon once and for all. Take on more power than she’s ever handled before. Make a deal with the lord of all demons. And risk everything to fulfill a destiny set in motion long before Rafe was a glimmer in her heart.

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The Details

Published: July 18, 2018
Publisher: Dark Valentine Press
Pages: 394
Formats: EbookPaperback
ISBN-10: 1946435155 ISBN-13: 978-1946435156 ASIN: 978-1946435156
Genres & Tropes
Paranormal Romance, Witches and Warlocks, Witch Clan, Arranged Marriage
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