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Christine Pope
Christine Pope
Christine Pope

Coming in 2022

I have to admit that 2021 had this strange time-dilation effect for me — some months felt as though they flashed by, while others seemed to be limping along at roughly two miles per hour. Either way, I think we’re all hoping that 2022 will be better (I know I am!). And because the new year is fast approaching, I figured now (late November 2021) would be the best time to post my 2022 lineup. As always, I have to offer the caveat that this lineup may change, although I’m really not anticipating too many alterations. With the exception of Smoke and Mirrors, the final book in the Witches of Wheeler Park series, these are all in new or newish series; I’ll be taking a break from my “Witches of” universe for a while, although at this point I’m not ready to say that I’m leaving that world behind entirely. (Note: The cover for Wish Upon a Star is just a mock-up I made, and not the final version. I’m not sure when I’ll have that one, but probably not until midyear.)

Smoke and MirrorsJanuary 2022
Wandering MonstersMarch 2022
Found ObjectsApril 2022
Uninvited GhostsJune 2022
Caffeine Before CursesAugust 2022
Lost and FoundSeptember 2022
Muffins After MagicOctober 2022
Wish Upon a StarNovember 2022

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