Christine Pope
Christine Pope
Christine Pope
Christine Pope

Coming in 2023

As I write this, it’s November 2022. This year had a lot of ups and downs for so many of us, but one happy thing that happened to me is that I was able to move back to Santa Fe! I’ve had to do a bit of reorganizing of my writing schedule for 2023, mostly because I realized that publishing eleven books in one year was just waaaaay too much. Right now, I have nine books planned for the coming year, but as always, my schedule is subject to change if life gets in the way. I suggest checking this page periodically for updates!

Oh, and I don’t have covers for all these books yet, but they should be mostly finalized by mid-2023. 🙂

Finding DestinyJanuary 2023
Pastries and PropheciesMarch 2023
Ballroom BitsApril 2023
Spells and SpanielsMay 2023
Eclairs and EctoplasmJune 2023
Cauldrons and CatsAugust 2023
Spell CheckSeptember 2023
Sugar Skulls and SpectersOctober 2023
Hexes and HedgehogsNovember 2023

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