Christine Pope
Christine Pope
Christine Pope
Christine Pope

Coming in 2021

This is what I have planned for 2021 as of the beginning of September. I already have made a couple of changes, mostly because I’m slipping a Hedgewitch for Hire holiday novella into the schedule for December 1st, 2021, although it’s on pre-order now.

Since all of these books are written, I don’t anticipate any further changes. (Fingers crossed!)

Grave Mistake by Christine PopeGrave MistakeJanuary 2021
Blood TiesFebruary 2021
Social Medium by Christine PopeSocial MediumMarch 2021
Wishful ThinkingSeptember 2021
Perpetual Potion by Christine PopePerpetual PotionOctober 2021
Misspelled by Christine PopeMisspelledNovember 2021
Dispelled by Christine PopeDispelledNovember 2021
Expelled by Christine PopeExpelledNovember 2021
Jingle SpellsDecember 2021

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