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Coming in 2021

This is what I have planned for 2021 as of mid-May. I already have made a couple of changes, mostly because I’m going to be slipping a “surprise” book into the schedule in December (it’s not listed here yet because I won’t have the cover until sometime in August). This means that instead of releasing the “Miss Primm’s” trilogy two weeks apart starting in mid-November, I’m going to release them all at once on November 17th, and the “surprise” book will be out on December 1st. Since I’m basically shoehorning that extra book into my schedule, the actual release date might be a little later in December…but not too much, because it’s a holiday novella and I want it out before Christmas. 🙂

As always, check this page periodically for any updates or changes!

Grave Mistake by Christine PopeGrave MistakeJanuary 2021
Blood TiesFebruary 2021
Social Medium by Christine PopeSocial MediumMarch 2021
Household Demons by Christine PopeHousehold DemonsJuly 2021
Wishful ThinkingSeptember 2021
Perpetual Potion by Christine PopePerpetual PotionOctober 2021
Misspelled by Christine PopeMisspelledNovember 2021
Dispelled by Christine PopeDispelledNovember 2021
Expelled by Christine PopeExpelledNovember 2021

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