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Household Demons (Audiobook)


Household Demons: Hedgewitch for Hire

An unholy house kills one person. If Selena can’t solve the mystery, her parents could be murder suspects — and Selena could be the next victim

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Household Demons: Hedgewitch for Hire - Book 3

Never get into a bidding war with a demon. Winning could be murder.

One phone call from her mother, and Selena Marx’s relatively quiet summer ends with the clang of alarm bells in her head. Mom and her husband are coming to Globe…and not just to meet Selena’s boyfriend of two months, Calvin Standingbear. They’ve also dipped a toe into the local real estate market.

By buying the most haunted Victorian mansion in town. Sight unseen.

Resigned that there’s no talking them out of their vacation rental dreams, Selena checks the place out for herself. Oddly, she senses nothing. But there’s no mistaking the unholy racket of bangs, wails, and evil laughter blasting through the walls. Something is infesting this house, and it’s not your garden-variety ghost.

This time, her arsenal of moon water, coffin nails, and rock salt isn’t going to cut it. Selena needs backup, but when it arrives, the house strikes back — hard and deadly. Now her parents are murder suspects. If Selena can’t find the true culprit, she could be the haunted mansion’s next victim.



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