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Sample Sunday - Blood Ties

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The newest Witches of Wheeler Park novel comes out this Wednesday, so you know what that means! It’s time for a sneak peek at Blood Ties!

Because it had been a one-pot meal, there wasn’t a lot of clean-up. Even so, Joanna stayed in the kitchen longer than she needed to, wiping down the counters and the stovetop to make sure everything sparkled.

For some reason, she really didn’t want to go upstairs and straight to bed.

Her lonely bed.

Oh, get over it, she scolded herself. What did you think was going to happen? That Randall Lenz was going to sweep you off your feet and carry you up the stairs in some kind of silly Gone with the Wind moment?

Probably not. If nothing else, she couldn’t think of many people who were less like Rhett Butler than Randall Lenz.

There had been a moment here and there when she’d caught Randall’s gaze lingering on her, had wondered if she’d seen a spark of something beyond polite interest in those fascinating, icy eyes. She was probably flattering herself, though.

Then again, if he wasn’t interested, why had he pushed to come back on Monday and help her fix the remaining fence? It wasn’t as though rebuilding split-rail fences was anyone’s idea of a good time.

He could just be the old-fashioned type. Not that Joanna had ever been one to rush into bed with someone…but he could have at least tried for a goodnight kiss.

She definitely wouldn’t have stopped him….

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