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Sample Sunday - Driven

Driven pre order

Driven is the third book in the Djinn Dominion series, and it comes out this Wednesday, so you know what that means! It’s time for a Sample Sunday! Here’s a little peek at what’s in store.


A low, growling noise reached Bailey’s ears, one that seemed to grow louder with every passing second. She glanced around but saw nothing, only wisps of fog curling their way around the corners of the buildings, shrouding the tops of the high-rises in gloom.

A pair of headlights raked through the fog. She startled, so shocked by the unexpected sight that she dropped the siphon hose to the ground. Gas began to spill onto the pavement, but she realized that the leaking fuel was the least of her worries as out of the fog came a flash of bright red, a car so preposterously sleek that it took a moment for her shocked brain to register what it was.

A fucking Ferrari?!

Instinct kicked in, and she ran to the Porsche and jumped inside, foot hitting the accelerator even as she slammed the door shut, the abandoned fuel can and siphon hose still lying on the street. She didn’t stop to think that possibly the Ferrari’s driver could be another survivor. Somehow she knew it couldn’t be, not when she hadn’t seen another human being for more than six months.

The headlights were in her rearview mirror, coming closer. Bailey fought with the seatbelt as she drove, at last hearing it click into place as she careened around the corner at Third and Los Angeles Street, heading north and east. The fog had dampened the road surface just enough that it was faintly slick, and she could feel the rear tires begin to slip. Luckily, the traction control caught, but her fingers tightened on the steering wheel nonetheless. At these speeds, it didn’t take much to end up in a world of hurt if you weren’t careful.

Just drive, she told herself, forcing her eyes away from the rearview. Driving by mirror was an easy way to screw up. She needed to keep her focus forward, on the road ahead. Obsessing over what her pursuer was doing would only slow her down.

Still, she couldn’t help but wonder where the hell he’d gotten a Ferrari. If her faceless pursuer was even the “he” she was thinking of. For all she knew, that really was another survivor coming after her, and she was going to feel like a complete idiot once the truth came out.

Her instincts were telling her otherwise, however.

Screaming onto Grand now, taking a loop around the music center complex that included the Ahmanson and the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion and the Mark Taper Forum. Bailey knew those venues only as names, since she’d never had the cash or the inclination to attend the kinds of performances that used to be held there. The fog seemed thinner in this part of town, and she risked a quick look back at the Ferrari, now only a few yards away from her rear bumper. It was close enough that she could see through the windshield, could see the sharp, handsome features of the djinn who’d been her pursuer up until a few days ago.


Since when could djinn drive?

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