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Sample Sunday - Haunted Hearts

Haunted Hearts is the final book in the Witches of Canyon Road series, and it will be out on Wednesday, November 20th. So that means it's time for a Sample Sunday! Keep reading for a sneak peek — and if you want to pre-order the book so it'll be delivered directly to your e-reader or app as soon it drops, just click on one of the links below the excerpt.

A complete stranger was standing in the hallway, glaring at her. His voice practically vibrated with startled anger as he went on, “What are you doing in this house?”

“I — ” Elena began, then faltered. The man who’d just confronted her was obviously a warlock — she’d felt the same little jolt she always experienced whenever she encountered another witch or warlock as soon as she stepped in the doorway — but she had a sudden flash of intuition that he wasn’t a Castillo. He’d spoken to her in English, but it was heavily accented, not the sort of pronunciation you’d hear from someone who’d spent their entire life in Santa Fe. Armed with that lucky guess, she found herself retorting, “I might ask the same thing of you.”

He slung the duffle bag he was carrying off his shoulder and set it down on the floor. As he did so, she saw that the arms bared by the T-shirt he wore were heavily covered in tribal tattoos — and that those brown-skinned, inked-up arms were heavy with muscle.

Then she realized she was staring, and forced her attention back up to his face. Not that doing so helped very much, since she realized he was good-looking in a taut, intense way, with those heavy brows and high cheekbones, that wide, thin mouth.

“I’m supposed to be here,” he replied, staring back at her. If he was at all impressed by what he saw, he sure didn’t show it. Since she didn’t respond — mostly because she had no idea what to say — he went on, “Ava and Gabriel sent me to stay here for a while, since the house wasn’t being used. Or at least,” he added, with a narrowing of his dark eyes, “they thought it wasn’t being used. Do you want to tell me what you’re doing here, in a house that was supposed to be empty?”

Elena really didn’t. Actually, what she most felt like doing right then was bolting out of the house, but she knew running away wouldn’t solve a damn thing. At the same time, she wanted to curse her rotten luck. All right, she’d known that she probably would be discovered sooner or later, but she’d never thought that “sooner” would mean the very same day she’d decided to seek refuge here.

“It’s kind of a long story,” she said, hedging.

His stony expression didn’t change. “I have plenty of time.”

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