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Sample Sunday - Pastries and Prophecies

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How about a little sneak peek from Pastries and Prophecies? In this scene, Skye has a real blast from the past!

The door to the shop opened, and I looked up from the table I’d been wiping down, wondering if Kyle Isaacs, one of the town’s deputies and a former boyfriend of mine who liked to come in and chat when things were slow, had decided to drop in for one of his complimentary lattes and a muffin. 

That wasn’t Kyle walking through the door, though. I didn’t recognize the woman, although something about her seemed strangely familiar, like someone I might have passed on the street several times without knowing their name. 

But no…that wasn’t it. As she approached, her gaze almost too intent as it met mine, an odd little shiver ran down my spine. Those eyes, big and dark…where had I seen them before?

She paused in front of me and smiled. About my height, with dark hair that had a striking white streak in the front that I guessed was natural, she looked as though she might be in her late forties or early fifties.

“Hello, Skye,” she said. “I’m your mother, Alicia Petrucci.”

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