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We Have a Winner!

Well, the polling is officially closed, so I can now announce that Misspelled (Miss Primm’s Academy for Wayward Witches: Book 1) is the winner! That particular cover went to the head of the class and pretty much remained the front-runner for the entire time the poll was open, so having it come out ahead isn’t too big a surprise. 😉

I am planning to do something a little different for this trilogy, however. Misspelled is now on my calendar and is scheduled for a November release. However, I’m going to be writing these three books in between the others I’d already had planned for 2021 (more books in the Witches of Wheeler Park series, and the launch of my new Hedgewitch for Hire series). The “Miss Primm’s” trilogy novels will be a little shorter than most of my other stuff, around 50-55 thousand words each (for reference, my main “witch” novels tend to be around 80K on average), and I’m going to release them two weeks apart, so there won’t be a huge wait in between books. If all goes according to plan — and I know those are famous last words, especially lately — then the release dates for the trilogy will be November 17, 2021, December 1, 2021, and December 15, 2021.

Neck and neck in second place were Witch by Right and MoonSpell. I’m sure one of them (or maybe both!) will end up on my 2022 calendar, so again, just keep an eye out here for more updates.

Thanks to everyone who voted — this was a lot of fun! 🙂

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